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Re: Does the Federation still exist in the 31+th century?

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Not fact. Supposition.
Yes, suppositions.
That have an important advantage over yours - they're far more plausible, considering on-screen evidence. And logical consistency.
The destruction of Romulus which motivated Nero's path of destruction in STXI was a pretty huge deal.
Yes - and it was in Nero's home timeline - that's why it was such a huge deal to him.
They may have simply cranked the spheres up to 11 in a crisis, risking a burn out or overload themselves.
Except these 'cranking' the spheres worked without a hitch - every time they were done. Signs of instability, danger for the spheres? None whatsoever.
Sounds a lot like when they cranked up the Enterprise in TOS. Always far beyond safeties, and it always worked out. It's TV drama.
Again, your suppositions fail to have substance.
[...]your temporal explanations[..]
KingDaniel, my temporal mechanics are far more self-consistent than yours - indeed, yours don't even try to be self-consistent.
You managed to resolve none of the inconsistencies with the 'Procyon 5 timeline doesn't exist anymore' - beyond hand-wavings and a ~'so what if it's inconsistent - it's time travel'.

The motivations you need to give to Daniels are also 'out there', as opposed to the ones I posit - as per you, he doesn't care about changes in the timeline beyond Archer (and, apparently, he has no colleagues who do).

PS - You don't describe accurately 'Watching the clock's temporal mechanics (in the novel, the explanations actually make sense/are self-consistent).
I give you quotes and evidence from episodes to back up what I say, I give various other possible explanations, and I just get I'M RIGHT AND YOU'RE WRONG over and over, sometimes with bolding for emphasis and self-congratulatory nonsense.

It's an inconsistantly written television show. The writers have admitted they made it up as they went along, therefore there can be no definitive one binding truth behind it.
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