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Re: Star Trek episodes with an anti technology theme

Star Trek has always been more ambivalent about technology than some people may realize. Look at episodes like "The Ultimate Computer" or "Court-Martial." Samuel Cogley has a couple of impassioned speeches pitting man vs. machine and about he prefers old-fashioned books to computers. And Lenore Karidian in "Conscience of the King" laments about how the Federation's high-tech society is making people less human. (Granted, she's crazy, but . . . .)

And let's not forget all those classic episodes where out-of-control computers have taken over the planet: "Return of the Archons," "The Apple," "For the World is Hollow . . ." and so on.

TOS was pretty leery about the concept of "paradise" in general. Every time Kirk ran into a "perfect" society, there usually turned out to be a fly in the ointment. As he says in "The Apple," maybe humanity isn't meant for paradise, but to struggle instead . . .

For all that TOS glorified science and space travel, there was also a certain unease running just below the surface.

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