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Re: The recycled footage of BOP exploding in Generations

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Fun fact: Movies 2-7 reuse at least one model shot from the movie that came before it. In fact one shot gets reused for three consecutive movies.
Let me guess, the Enterprise-A in Spacedock shot? (used at the end of IV, during Scotty's log entry in V, and just as the ship is about to leave at the start of VI?

For what it's worth, in Generations I believe the shot of the BoP cloaking just before the Observatory goes boom is also a reuse from VI.
The difference is that the Enterprise model shots were unimportant and short.

The BOP exploding recycled footage was huge part of Generation's climax and they based the entire battle on it, even going so far as having an out of date BOP defeating the Enterprise instead of having one of the bigger Klingon ships do it instead.

The show took the trouble of introducing the new modern and more powerful class of Klingon ships, the Vor'cha-class, but the movie ignored it. Having a Vor'Cha class ship destory the Enterprise would have been so much more believable for me. Them being so cheap killed the logic for me.

There was zero respect for the Enterprise just like zero respect for Kirk when they dropped a bridge on him.
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