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Re: How come theres never a queue for the Turbo Lift on the Bridge ?

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Its always available, never a hitch.
Not always.

Right before the first round of "I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen" in The Naked Time, Kirk had to wait for an elevator, which he ordered Uhura to expedite. From
KIRK: Clear that tube, will you?
UHURA: Yes, sir.
Wasnt that because Reilly had fucked with all the ships systems from his console in Engineering ?
Unclear, but I never thought so. I read Kirk's reaction (of a frustrated faux pound on the doors) as that the wait was really bad timing. Uhura didn't have any trouble clearing the rube; I'd expect her to have a harder time if Riley had actually messed something up (compare with the trouble she has getting him off the intercom later). But who knows? You could imagine that Riley did just randomize the elevators and then went on to other mischief.
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