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Re: Does the Federation still exist in the 31+th century?

KingDaniel wrote: View Post
Not fact. Supposition.
Yes, suppositions.
That have an important advantage over yours - they're far more plausible, considering on-screen evidence. And logical consistency.
The destruction of Romulus which motivated Nero's path of destruction in STXI was a pretty huge deal.
Yes - and it was in Nero's home timeline - that's why it was such a huge deal to him.
They may have simply cranked the spheres up to 11 in a crisis, risking a burn out or overload themselves.
Except these 'cranking' the spheres worked without a hitch - every time they were done. Signs of instability, danger for the spheres? None whatsoever.
Again, your suppositions fail to have substance.
[...]your temporal explanations[..]
KingDaniel, my temporal mechanics are far more self-consistent than yours - indeed, yours don't even try to be self-consistent.
You managed to resolve none of the inconsistencies with the 'Procyon 5 timeline doesn't exist anymore' - beyond hand-wavings and a ~'so what if it's inconsistent - it's time travel'.

The motivations you need to give to Daniels are also 'out there', as opposed to the ones I posit - as per you, he doesn't care about changes in the timeline beyond Archer (and, apparently, he has no colleagues who do).

PS - You don't describe accurately 'Watching the clock's temporal mechanics (in the novel, the explanations actually make sense/are self-consistent).
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