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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Halliwell, I'm sorry for your losses. I lost my father just a couple of years ago. But that shows how different people can be affected in different ways. My loss made me less willing to see a story in which a fictional character was resurrected, because I think that's usually a copout. In real life we don't get back the people we lose, and I'd rather see fiction that copes with the reality of loss. Of course there can be exceptions, and I think Kirsten did a good job with the story she told. But I never would've agreed to write such a story myself, because that's just not a place I can get to emotionally, not when I have to deal with the irreversible reality of death in my own recent experience.

So I wish you could understand that I have no desire to attack you. We have no reason to be at odds over this. Since we've both suffered personal loss in real life, we should both understand how truly insignificant it is to "lose" a fictional character and how pointless it is to create animosity and hostility over it. Unfortunately, you're determined to perceive this as some fierce ideological battle, and that's making it impossible to have a reasonable conversation with you about it. And that's just sad -- far sadder than anyone's decision not to read a book.
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