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Re: My rambling thoughts on BSG after a full series run-through

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Orthodox Muslims hold that Three does not actually equal One, which is exactly where it relates to polytheism. (But don't forget about Isis, er, Mary the Queen of Heaven.) The belief that three equals three is one part of Islam that seems to be a reasonable position.

But I've suddenly realized you're just funning. Joke's on me!
As far as looking for any crack in your argument to debate against, yea...I'm funnin' you, it's not that important to me. But, my actual argument that the Holy Trinity is One, I actually do accept, and I have never heard of that Muslim Interpretation, so thanks for that.

But, it still Brings up the fact, that Six's "One True God" manipulated events to Save the Humans in the end, so, both the Polytheists, and the "Muslim" Cylons, got screwed, since it was the "Muslim" Cylon "One True God" that delivered The Humans (Who worshiped Poly-Gods") to their Promised Land and Smited (Smote?) Cavill and his followers
How could it end any other way? The outcome was preordained by the fact that the series was set in our own past.
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