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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

After a week on hiatus we're back with issue 16, I believe part three or four of "Detective" already. This is just awesome! Chloe is on the monitor with Emil who gives her information regarding the Earth Two Chloe's black box, and it would appear she has not recovered from seeing her alternate self die in front of her at the end of the "Guardian" arc. Ollie attempts to console her and ask if she's okay, Chloe in Chloe style shrugs him off but it is make clear she's still affected by what she saw, and also that she could be hiding something from Ollie.

Meanwhile Superman and Batman continue their fight. We learn about the abilities of Bruce's suit. As I expected it seems to be designed specifically to counter Superman. Bruce reveals Clark's entire backstory pretty much, while Clark figures out who Batman is. We also see a Nolan-esque Batman suit in one of the flashback panels. Finally Batman reveals that the fight is a distraction. He needs Bruno Manhiem and explains that he possesses information regarding the death of his parents. Nightwing encounters Ollie as Green Arrow and the two scuffle, and we end as Superman picks up Bruno and asks if he can borrow him for a few moments.

Oooooh how I love this book.
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