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Re: The recycled footage of BOP exploding in Generations

It seems TPTB, on occasion, have no knowledge or concerns regarding our ships.

I'm reminded of those who wanted to use the Akira for the ENT because they liked it. I'm reminded of those who want to keep using the Klingon BoP because it's popular. Other similar incidents.

Some just see Star Trek spaceships they like or don't like or spaceships they can use or not use and that's about it.

No accounting for ideas such as "this ship is 200 years older than the other and it wouldn't make sense" or "this one is a scoutship and can't fight like a battleship" or "this ship is ten times the size of the other and they can't match up like this".

Evidently some execs don't know about (and don't care to learn) internal consistency and details and canon. They see what they like and they wanna go for it.
Some would put a Constitution class and an Intrepid class serving side by side, if they liked how it looked on screen. Not all studio suits are fans, I suppose.
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