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Re: Another reason I hate the TSA.

My problem with the TSA is not the security screaning, it's the fact they have zero law enforcement background and are essentially glorified rent-a-cops.

I've realized after the fact I carried on a pocket knife or razor, but got stopped and searched a few weeks back because I had nail clippers in my backpack. Got stopped on the way back going through the fancy new x-ray scanner because my shorts were kinda baggy and they couldn't tell if I was clear or not. Isn't that why you invented the new machines? I mean anyone can grab my ass, I just prefer it's not a 50 year old man I've never met at a random airport who supposedly just scanned me.

I also once forgot to empty my water bottle before passing security. They seemed dismayed at what to do about it. While they were having a high level emergency meeting about it, I poured it out into a nearby potted plant. Problem solved. If anyone is wondering, the plant didn't explode.
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