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Re: Things I love about Kristen's "Eternal Tide"

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Maybe Q,Sr. would be forbidden to do that (just "erase" her) to KJ by the Continuum
In most of Q's appearances he seems free to do whatever he wants with little or no fear of retribution by the continuum. I can't remember the last time we saw them reverse something he did.
Well, there was that 1 time in TNG when he toyed with Picard and his crew by offering Riker to become Q, and in the end when he failed to get what he wanted and persisted, he was effectively 'contained' by the Continuum.

For that matter, its possible that due to Janeway's actions, lady Q and the rest of the Continuum might feel as if they owe their existence to Janeway - for the second time around... and might keep Q sr. in check not to harm her (lady Q at least said she will try to do that).
But Q sr. was also acting very stupid... how can he possibly blame Janeway for what his son chose to do?

Granted, this might have been an attempt to keep things interesting.
Q sr. might not be able to harm Janeway directly, but he could probably make things a lot more difficult for her if he chose to.

I guess we will have to wait and see.
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