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Re: female audience reaction to Seven of Nine

Complaints about it becoming the Seven Of Nine show is ridiculous. Janeway had all the dialogue.
Eventually the show was mostly Janeway, Seven, EMH. With everyone else as supporting cast. And there's nothing really wrong with that. TOS was about Kirk, Spock, Bones, with everyone else as a supporting cast.

Dream wrote:
I'm sure some of the actors that had been there from the start weren't happy with that and felt a little resentment.
Yes, Garret Wang and Robert Beltran weren't happy about it. Of course the two least talented actors on that show complained about not getting as much screen time as the 3 best actors on that show.

I liked Seven. I was always hoping she would hook up with Harry.
Although, I will admit, the high heels were a bit much. I mean really. She won't eat normal food if she can just have an efficient supplement, but she'll wear high heels?

Another thing I didn't like is, I believe by the time season 6 rolled around, she was still going through this adapting to being human thing, and yet we continuously see her grow and learn. It's like they kept hitting the reset button at a certain point of progress.
Though I suppose that was necessary, because if she completely grew, became 100% human, it would have killed her character, because she could no longer react to things from the alien's perspective.
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