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Played some of it last night. Very good work overall. Easily some of the best work I've seen in a fan-made mod. A few things did bother me though, mostly minor audio stuff like the pistol firing sound not being quite right, the voice actor impersonating Eli Vance sounding way off (though he does a fine job on Kleiner and the security guards) and for some reason the crowbar doesn't *feel* right somehow. Like I said though, minor stuff.

I'm having fun spotting the in-jokes and easter eggs. Little things mostly like Kliener's instant infatuation with a certain headcrab, Eli mentioning his family etc. They are however being careful not to pile on the HL2 references, so it's not too obtrusive...though I did find an "in case of emergency, grab the nearest crowbar" sign. Oh, and who knew ChuckleVision was so popular in New Mexico?

Just for fun, here's a side-by-side comparison of "Inbound".
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