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Re: Wesley Crusher: Racist

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It would also be reasonable for you to assume that your goth character listens to The Cure, Bauhuas, Joy Division
These bands are all post-punk, and no modern day Goth would be caught dead actually listening to that pathetic shit.

More likely Fields of the Nephilim, Dead Can Dance, Terminal Gods, or The Gathering

Well yes those bands are post punk, but so is the goth subculture.

I honestly don't know whether the original goth was subculture or counter culture.

by 2005, Anyone calling themselves goth would be pretty artificial. And today, I don't think goths exist any more, they all morphed into scene and emo. I remember when goth was going through a pop, dance, electronic, phase and I knew that this was a dying fad, and any beauty that could be found in that culture was dying fast.

For me, goth wasn't something strong and definable by the early 2000's. All of it's magic and charm was in the 80's and 90's

Besides when I went with those bands, I was going with the root bands, not every new band like Xandria, Sirenia, Tristania, and every other Scandinavian female fronted band that sounds like Evanescence.

I've never even heard of those bands you mentioned. So I youtubed them, listen to no less than 2 songs from each band. My conclusion:
1. Fields of the Nephilim, sounds a lot like the cure, but without a catchy hook to actually remember the songs by.

2. Dead Can Dance, oh god that's some horrible music. I had flash backs of Enya.

3. Terminal Gods, sounds like Sister Of Mercy. 100% like them. As in I can't possibly tell the two bands apart LOL. Thankfully I liked Sisters Of Mercy.

4. The Gathering, sounds like all that Xandria, Sirenia, Tristania stuff. Though I have found a few good songs by those bands, so maybe I will continue to listen to the gathering.

So that's what the goths listen to today?
Wow, I'm old. Let me see, refuse to acknowledge contributions made by bands that weren't back in my day; check. Tells the youth how silly they are for dressing identically whilst claiming to be an individual, labeling themselves yet exclaiming to not like labels; check. Presuming anyone in high school or college has ever heard of even one band I listen to at that age, and no one has; check. Unwilling to accept change; check. Uses the term "back in my day"; check.
Yup, I'm old. Thanks T'Girl, you know how to cheer a guy up.
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