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Re: Google adds Bacon numbers

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Mark Twain has no Bacon Number.
Not quite. If you use The Oracle of Bacon...
...he's got a Bacon number of 4!
Huh. How about that? I'd been given to believe that the only existing footage of Sam'l. Clemens was that ~2 minutes shot by Edison at Twain's home. Could that also have been used in The Prince and the Pauper? The short clip and the movie are from the same year, and Twain would die in the year following.

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Anyone know what Google allows to use as links? The Oracle of Bacon uses only feature films as default, but can include documentaries, TV shows, and other things through the options.
I've not found their criteria or method explicitly stated anywhere, but the Google one seems to be using only dramatic feature films and perhaps TV shows - I don't recall seeing any documentary films named yet.
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