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Re: Best engineering chief?

You know, I really like LeForge, but I love Scotty.
However, an argument can be made for Torres. She routinely re-invented the laws of the universe by spouting technobabble and pressing buttons. Of course the laws of universe return to normal in the next episode.

Think about it
B'Elanna: Captain, I have an idea. I can send a shock burst of tachyon radiation through the ship at just the precise amplitude to reverse the negative protons in our bodies driving out the voodoo demons. I just need to remodulate the attenuators on the anti matter converter overflows. But to protect ourselves against the radiation I am going to send an inverted chronoton wave through the doctor's mobile emmiter and piggy back the signal off of Seven's cortical implant through subspace.

I have seen so many convoluted solutions like that on Voyager.
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