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Re: Locutus and Ben Sisko

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"Forgiven" implies Picard did something wrong, he didn't.

What happened was that Sisko just realized Picard was no different from him, another victim and wasn't deserving of any scorn.
Right. Well, that's what *should* have happened in the show. For all wthe viewer knows, sisko still hates picard. Theres no payoff scene where he shows that he doesnt hold it against him, unfortunately.
It's called subtext. We did get resolution on Sisko letting go of his anger towards Picard and not holding things against him anymore, in their last scene.
I am well aware that Sisko let go of his anger towards Picard, and you'll see that in the posts I made after the one you quoted. No need for condescending tone ("It's called subtext")

The issue I have with it is that he never expresses any sort of shame or regret for being such a dick to him in the first place. Not at all. He just shakes his hand and smiles (while picard is still visibly distant/stern/not very happy... but Sisko just ignores that while smiling). It's like he thinks that just because he has let go of his irrational anger toward Picard that it excuses how he behaved earlier.

It's not an issue of him still being angry, it's an issue of him coming off as a self centered insensitive ass.

1. Sisko acts like a total jerk to Picard because he is angry at him for something Picard had no control over. (Totally Understandable, even though illogical. He is only human.)
2. Sisko lets go of anger; realizes Picard wasn't at fault.
3. Sisko, no longer angry, gleefully accepts new position, but makes absolutely no effort to apologize for acting like Jerk, even though he now realizes his anger was misguided.

Seems like he skipped a step to me.

It would appear the person who did the novelization agrees with me since that's one area where it is quite different.
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