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Re: About planetary gravity

Maurice wrote:
I'm not going to address that litany of "they done me wrongs" and thinly veiled jabs at the left above, but it's pretty well established that there a lot of history taught that's baldly incorrect.

American history has often mythologised in public school textbooks due to the needs of the textbook industry to placate local school boards. This is why we get whitewashed versions of Helen Keller, Reconstruction, etc., and persistent myths like Betsy Ross.
Well they did do me wrong
Of course they did everyone wrong. My old high school had some pretty incredible drop out rates.

Of course it's 100% my own fault that I never to this day got my GED.

Come to think of it, I failed metal shop through lack of trying, so I guess by 9th grade I was failing my teachers as much as they were failing me.

Hmm, I was wondering why so much of school taught history is incorrect.
I mean, the first thing that springs to my mind is "damn leftist politics" (which there was a lot of, jab jab) but the reality of it is a lot of the stuff I learned that was false, had no political motivation behind it.

You say it's because the textbook industry is trying to make money? or are you saying they are trying to fill some sort of quota?

And what Betsy Ross myths are you talking about?

JarodRussell wrote:
Oh come on, surely you were taught about basic Newtonian physics, regardless of how much your teacher rambled.
Actually my 8th grade science teacher, Mr. Little, did teach us about Newtonian physics. He had this lovely demonstration, he said "You know how women love to wear lipstick to make their lips all waxy? Karen, I want you to stand up and wet your lips. Just give 'em a quick lick like this."
After she licked her lips he said "there you go folks, that's our physics lesson. Wet waxy lips. Or WW LIPS. Which stands for Wheels, Wedges, Levers, Inclines, Pulleys, Springs"

He had made the big deal of making Karen lick her lips for the spectacle so that we'd remember it, considering we were going to spend the second half of the year learning about those exact things, and about Newton's laws of motion, and building devices using those principals, and explain the motion, the cause and effect, with the laws of newtons physics.

And because I had the biggest crush on Karen, I'll never forget her wetting her waxy lips.

I only remember the name of two of my teachers. Mr. Little, because he was my favorite, and actually the teacher who got me to care about science. And Mrs. Greene, because good god that woman had legs LOL

Christopher wrote:
Yeah, sometimes teachers are a crapshoot. I went to a high school that's considered one of the finest public schools in the United States, yet I still got a biology teacher who was a creationist and a health teacher who was a mortician. I did get some really great teachers, though, like a physics teacher who was an actual professor.
A creationist biology teacher and a health teacher that was a mortician. Oh I could just see his speeches "and here are the 5 things you can do to make sure you never have to come see me at my other profession, eat right, exorcise, don't smoke..."

I just remembered another teacher I liked, how he inspired all of us, and how he was wrongfully fired. I'll put this in a spoiler tag so everyone can skip it.

I am wondering what you guys think of this solar system theory that earth is not revolving around a stationary sun, but is instead traveling in a spiral.
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