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Re: Why the lack of personal protection?

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Stopping of bullets might be physically impossible with mere armor, though (or we'd have done it today already) . . .
Uh, we have done it today. Ever hear of Kevlar vests? Okay, they don't deflect or disintegrate bullets, but they'll stop a bullet from penetrating the body.
Only low powered bullets and not from point blank range. That's why you rarely see cops wearing bullet proof vests.
YOU rarely see cops wearing bullet proof vests because evidently you live in an area where the cops are fucking stupid and work for departments that condone their stupidity.

Chicago police officers wear the vest. EVERY. SINGLE. ONE. OF. THEM. They wear it because they're REQUIRED to wear it. They wear it because this is Chicago and every braindead wannabe thug with a .22 thinks he's Alonzo Harris.

Which is relevant, ultimately, to the broader point: Starfleet finds itself in hazardous situations often enough that for any organization with any amount of common sense, basic ballistic protection should be MANDATORY for away teams. We've seen officers getting killed by boomerangs, wooden spears, plant spores, and -- yes -- even bullets. If forcefields aren't up to the task, which I VERY STRONGLY doubt, the lack of some kind of protective gear for a well-defined hazardous situation is profoundly irresponsible on Starfleet's part. Basically, much like cops who don't wear their vests, they are stupid people who work for an organization that condones their stupidity.

Against higher power weapons, they just don't work that well.
Military issue armor DOES, especially the stuff with the ceramic inserts.
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