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Re: female audience reaction to Seven of Nine

My sister loved her. Simply put one of the three best characters on Voyager and probably the 2nd best developed (Torres was another great character, but her development on paper wasn't as well realized).

As for her look, my sister and I agree (I'm gay so I not into T&A, at least not that gender's T&A). We both loved her two initial looks. Full on Borg and her full Silver Catsuit.

For myself there are only three issues I have with the character. One is I wish it would have taken like 3 or 4 episodes to get to the point of the ending of "the Gift". That I would have cut a "7 o9 story from each season, and I would have never, ever, ever hooked .her up with Chakotay (no chemistry whatsoever between the two actors). On these I don't remember how my sister felt (I know she also hated the thing with Chakotay).
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