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Re: Does the Federation still exist in the 31+th century?

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One could always explain the improbability/inconsistency in that the sphere builders made, with the Expanse, an attempt to disrupt history that Archer thwarted.
That their original attack is placed into the future, when they very rapidly modified space (we know they can do it from 'Zero hour') and were stopped by the federation at Procyon 5 (which will take place as seen).
If you're suggesting that the sphere builders can later return, and try again? I highly doubt it. They know it wouldn't work. People in the regular universe know how to defeat them. They wouldn't dare try again. (Assuming they have even survived "Zero Hour", which is not clear.)
The sphere builders not surviving 'Zero hour' in their realm? Where exactly did you get this from - with what justification.

They builders only know possible futures AKA probabilities. Improbable != impossible. Improbable can transform into victory.

The federation knows how to defeat them? Sure - everyone knows the mechanics of warfare. Winning is not in the least guaranteed by this.

The sphere builders wouldn't dare try? Again, where do you get it from? They were plenty daring with the expanse.
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