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Re: The Gimmicky Cameos Are Back! (Minor Spoilers)

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The reasons I gave such as "being a Doctor Who Fan", were explanations of why they would take such a small role.

Steve Martin and Eddie Murphy were the stars, starting their Acting careers, that's entirely different then a "one Off" cameo.

And no, I didn't say, if an actor is getting a role, its because they're an actor. What I said was if an Actor is a career actor, it's what their job is, it's not a stunt to offer them a job, even if it is a small role.
First, that's not what you said, but I won't bother with that anymore. Regardless, your statement does mean that Bones showing up at the end of Encounter at Farpoint wasn't a ''gimmicky cameo'' since DeForest Kelly is a professional actor. Or Arnold Schwarzenegger and Bruce Willis in The Expendables. What about Edward Norton in The Invention of Lying? Paul Glaser and David Soul in the Starsky and Hutch remake? I can go on and on.

But according to your statements, I must be mistaking because those couldn't possibly have been cameo appearances since they all feature professional actors who were offered a role.
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