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ENTER! Avatar Contest: E2/Technology/Funny Signs

Last time on the Enterprise Avatar Contest...

Alienesse wrote: View Post
And the winners are...

HopefulRomantic in the episode contest, with JiNX-01 coming close behind, Praetor Shinzon in the ENT theme contest, with Skywalker as a runner-up, and JiNX-01 snaps first prize in the random theme contest, while our lovely moderator came in second in this one.

Congrats to all winners!
Thanks again for the votes. And now on with the contest!

The next episode is "E2".

The Theme, chosen by Praetor_Shinzon, is Technology. From a phaser to a tricorder, transporter, even a starship...any piece of technology.

Random Theme, chosen by JiNX, is Funny Signs. Let's keep it clean, kids. (I agree - stay within our PG-13 guidelines, please.)

I'll keep the entry thread open for four days and take a read on Tuesday night (Pacific Time) to see if everyone who wants to has thrown in.

My entries:




Have fun!
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