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Re: Does the Federation still exist in the 31+th century?

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Here's a theory. Given time isn't linear what if the Battle of Procyon V and the fate of the Expanse are linked, the Federation defeats the Sphere Builders in the 26th century while Enterprise defeats them in the 22nd, as both succeed both Expanses dissipate simultaneously.
Once the Expanse is destroyed in the 22nd century, the 26th-century version can't dissipate - it will have never existed at all. None of the historical events leading up to it will have happened, either. There can't be a "real" Battle of Procyon V, because that presupposes the existence of an Expanse and Sphere Builders in the 26th century. Thanks to "Zero Hour", those have been wiped out.
One could always explain the improbability/inconsistency in that the sphere builders made, with the Expanse, an attempt to disrupt history that Archer thwarted.
That their original attack is placed into the future, when they very rapidly modified space (we know they can do it from 'Zero hour') and were stopped by the federation at Procyon 5 (which will take place as seen).
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