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Re: Google adds Bacon numbers

Roger Daltry & Pete Townshend from the Who are both 2's.

They appeared with Jack Nicholson in Tommy
Jack appeared with Kevin in A Few Good Men

Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden is a 3.

Bruce appeared with Simon Callow in Chemical Wedding (Crowley)
Simon appeared with Dianne Wiest in Merci Docteur Rey <getting strenuous here>
Dianne appeared with Kevin in Footloose

Gene Simmons of KISS is a 2.

Gene appeared with Illeana Douglas in The New Guy
Illeana appeared with Kevin in Stir Of Echoes

Paul Stanley of KISS is a 3.

Paul appeared with Ozzy Osbourne in The Decline Of Western Civilization
Ozzy appeared with James McAvoy in Gnomeo & Juliet
James appeared with Kevin in X-Men: First Class (Kevin was in that?)
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