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Re: Best Audio Book?

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So, I think I want to try a Colin Baker.
Have you already gotten The Marian Conspiracy? If not, I would recommend that with no reservations. TMC introduces my favorite Colin companion, Evelyn.
No, I have Colin in Gallifrey Adventures, and I believe Zagreus and/or Neverland, but, I don't believe I have any other Colin Audios

I'll look for that one next. Is there a good Colin/6 Cybermen/Companion piece to Spare Parts, to listen to back to back? Iris will take about another week, and then I'm going to need something else to listen on the commute (Spare parts and Now Marian Conspiracy will be on deck, after Iris is done S1/S2)

ETA: Downloading Marian Conspiracy now
(Just noticed, your Favorite 6 Audio is BF#6 according to my Download Account record at BF)
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