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Re: female audience reaction to Seven of Nine

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The audience never wanted a Borg Barbie. The producers pretty much gave it to us whether we liked it or not. All I'm saying is how badly they handled her.

Janeway might have just beaten Seven in screen time in later seasons, but my problem is Seven even coming in second in the first place. Seven being number two meant less screen time for everyone else outside the captain.
Seven came in second because she was the character who had the most story potential. By season 4, most of the cast had settled into their roles and relationships. But Seven was a new character who opened up new possibilities, and she was a rich and complex character who had a lot of potential for growth and conflict.

I had the opportunity to pitch story ideas to VGR's fifth season, and I decided that I would specifically avoid Seven and Doctor stories because I figured everyone else would be doing those. But I found that most of the ideas I came up with were about Seven and the Doctor despite my best efforts, because they were the richest characters with the most possibilities.

So Seven's popularity with the writers and the viewers was not about her looks or her costume. The best disproof for that is that the Doctor was also a breakout character, and he wasn't a hot babe in a skintight catsuit. The Doctor and Seven were both rich characters who could more easily generate conflict than most of the cast, who had more growth to undergo than the rest, and who were both played by superb, versatile actors.
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