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Re: Any missing scenes on the TOS DVDs?

Oso Blanco wrote: View Post
What about the individual two-episode volumes, do they have the original music for The Menagerie?
Nope. None of the DVD releases have the original sound mix. The Blu-Ray done on the mono track.

plynch wrote: View Post
Aside from minutiae...
There's really no chance in 2012 and beyond that actual lost scenes (moving pictures with sound) will be found, is there?
I doubt it. I think most of the trims from the original negatives were scooped up by Gene and Majel for their Lincoln Enterprise business at the time. Some stuff might have slipped through the cracks, but I really don't expect anything. I'd love to have seen some of the cut stuff, like the Elaan of Troyius bits.
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