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Re: Glee - Season Four

Overall, disappointed. I think this will be Glee's last season unless it improves. Still too much focus on guest stars (Kate Hudson) over main cast.

On The Glee Project, Ryan Murphy is all about "who he can write for." So while we have the cast split (not a problem), he can write a lot for Kate Hudson and leave off the main characters for (almost) filler? Who cares about Kate Hudson having a number?

And I noticed the Irish kid was missing...or did I miss him? Pretty easy, since he rarely said anything anyway.

Loved: Brittney. ALWAYS good. Burt Hummel. ALWAYS great.

Didn't love: If Kurt's going to NYC means no more Burt.

Liked: Rachel and Kurt's friendship. Performing was always more to them than the rest, they wanted it to be their lives, and the only person each can turn to for understanding is the other. Lunch-lady Mom. The actress put some heart into that small role.
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