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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Why is it sad that my reading taste has resulted in my choosing to not buy a book without a character?
Because those of us who've been reading Kirsten's books all along have found them to be among the best Voyager prose fiction ever written, and some of the best Trek fiction to come along in recent years, so we're sad for you in an empathetic way, because we feel you've been depriving yourself of something very enjoyable. Granted, the books were without one particular character you liked, but there were plenty of other things to enjoy in the books. Okay, maybe if you did read them, you wouldn't have shared our fondness, but maybe you would have, and in that case you would've been missing out on something you would've really liked. And it's natural to feel sad upon seeing someone else deprived of something positive. It's not "sad" in the sense of "you're a pathetic loser," but in the sense of, "ohh, it's a shame you're missing out on something this cool."
Exactly. I didn't mean that as a personal attack, I just think it's a shame that people were passing over some of the best Trek books in the last 5 or 6 yeas just because one character out of a fairly large cast wasn't in the books.
I'm disappointed that Data is gone (for now?) from the TNG books, but I'm still reading them.
I've just never understood how people could be so concerned with one character that they'd be willing to overlook the rest of the cast, and the quality of the stories being told.
I could see if it were a show focused solely on that one character, with everyone else just supporting characters taking a backseat to that one person, but I've always thought of all of the 24th Century shows as focusing pretty equally on the whole ensembles. Even though I do have a handful of favorite characters, I'm still interesting enough in the rest of the characters that I have no problem reading books, or watching episodes that focus on characters other than them. With these kinds of stories I need to have more than one character hold my interest in order for me to stick with them long term.
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Yeah, but I usually have more of a reason than one character not appearing. I just think it's sad to write off a whole book because one character doesn't appear in it.
So would you still think it sad if people said they wouldn't buy a Batman novel if they killed Batman but kept Robin? What if TPTB of a Batman series of novels did that but kept saying over and over again that as long as the story is good, the Batman novels will still be Batman because they'll still have Robin, Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne's butler. And Batman will still be a huge part of it because he will be mentioned all the time so the fans of his death should just read the books and then form an opinion. And if they get over emotional about the death of a beloved main character then what does that matter? And TPTB of this new series of novels won't give a damn about my views or opinions as a customer but will still want my 8.99 to buy their damned books.
Actually they did exactly that a few years ago, and most of the reactions to those stories were fairly positive as far as I know. In one of the big events they killed off Batman, and following a conflict known as Battle For the Cowl, Dick Grayson took up the Batman identity, with Bruce's son as his Robin. They also killed off Captain America during Marvel's Civil War, and Bucky Barnes took on the identity of Captain America. I don't really see where this is any different than Janeway dying and Chakotay taking over as CO of Voyager. I don't understand why you people keep taking this so personally. I'm not saying that there is something wrong with you feeling the way you do, I just don't feel that way. When I say I find it baffling, I don't mean that I think there is something wrong with you, all I'm saying is that that it is so different from how I feel, and how a lot of other people around here seem to feel that I find it surprising.
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