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Re: Generations deleted scenes

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I'll correct myself--he earlier started a thread where he claimed to 'have seen a 'bootlegged' copy of Nemesis' that included all the deleted scenes including parts that were not in the extensive deleted scenes section on the Blu-ray. The scenes were cut into the movie and not separate. So he somehow got hold of a 'bootlegged' rough cut of Nemesis that none of us have ever seen or heard of.

I'm very certain that if such a thing existed it wouldn't be widely available on the black market at cons and such. That would never happen. Only a single copy floating around for him to see.

I believe he said that the FX for the deleted scenes were in finished form.

Really, they spent tons of money to finalize FX for scenes that didn't make the general cut, that us mere mortals didn't see?

I can't wait to hear what other versions of the Trek movies he has seen that no one else has.

And I'll re-correct myself---he DOES claim that the alternate version of Nemesis was in the theaters! The copy he saw was filmed in the theater and he could see a guy in the audiences' afro with a pick sticking out of it!

So a version of Nemesis that included EVERY deleted scene from the Blu-ray and even MORE WAS shown theatrically and he recently saw it. So he can't be mis-remembering that can he.

Yep, the 2 hour 40 minute version of Nemesis WAS shown theatrically and he recently saw it in bootleg form and I/we can't 'prove' he's a fibber.

I guess I have sown the wind.......

no comment.
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