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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Yeah, but I usually have more of a reason than one character not appearing. I just think it's sad to write off a whole book because one character doesn't appear in it.
So would you still think it sad if people said they wouldn't buy a Batman novel if they killed Batman but kept Robin? What if TPTB of a Batman series of novels did that but kept saying over and over again that as long as the story is good, the Batman novels will still be Batman because they'll still have Robin, Commissioner Gordon and Bruce Wayne's butler. And Batman will still be a huge part of it because he will be mentioned all the time so the fans of his death should just read the books and then form an opinion. And if they get over emotional about the death of a beloved main character then what does that matter? And TPTB of this new series of novels won't give a damn about my views or opinions as a customer but will still want my 8.99 to buy their damned books.

When I buy a book with the title of Star Trek Voyager on the cover I expect it to have Janeway in it. She is the "Batman" to Chakotay's "Robin" Go ahead and think I'm silly or stupid, I don't care. But it seems to me that those who are accusing the BBJ crowd of certain bad behaviors should look in the mirror. For more than 4 years the people that have joined together to speak out about her death have been told your voice doesn't count. Pocket doesn't care about what you want because your views are only a small fraction of the reading audience. Your little boycott while entertaining to us won't ever matter there will always be someone out there to buy our product.

There are some who think that their opinion and their opinion alone is the standing authority on this board and what they have to say about all things TrekLit stands. And these people are worse than the BBJ people (I include myself in that group even though I kept buying and reading the Voy relaunch books) because they never are open to changing their minds. They are never open to listening or respecting other people's opinions and people like the BBJ people should just shut the hell up because you're always wrong.

Where was all this back and forth when the entire Enterprise book series was re-written just to bring back one dead character? Well he wasn't really dead because he was in a holodeck, wink, wink but we'll still base the series off of what written when the show was on the air. I remember TPTB at the time said they didn't like the direction that These Are The Voyages finale of Enterprise and took action to use the books they published to fix what they personally didn't like. The only different between those in charge of Trek novels at the time Enterprise was cancelled and the Bring Back Janeway people is that one group had the keys to the kingdom and one group didn't.

The message is Editors and TBTP and writers always right. And us little old fans are always wrong because we're not smart enough or because we don't get our facts straight enough or don't represent an audience enough to make a difference. Just because you've made some money off of Star Trek doesn't make you more of a fan or more knowledgeable of the franchise than the rest of us. We love Star Trek too you know.

I find that whole notion insulting.

Trip NOT DEAD= a series re-write

Janeway NOT DEAD= rabid fans

I await the responses to tell me how wrong I am. As a Bring Back Janewayer I'm used to it.
"I excel at following the important ones." Admiral Kathryn Janeway answering Counselor Cambridge's questioning her whether she excels at following orders. Star Trek Voyager: Protectors by New York Times Bestselling authorKirsten "Mother F**ng" Beyer
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