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Re: Generations deleted scenes

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None of those scenes were ever in any theatrical cut of Generations. Geordi shower scene? Are you serious?
Data referencing his sexual encounter with Tasha during his overload?

If you think you saw those scenes in a cut of the movie --quit taking drugs.

Honestly, it justs sounds like you are making stuff up.

They show a shorter version of the Georgdi torture scene in the movie, but never aired the full-length version in the theater.
First of all, I never said that Data referenced his sexual encounter with Tasha. If you read what I typed, you'll see that my friend and I spoke about about his burst of sexual emotion being from when he was with Tasha Yar. Do you understand that now? Do I need to repeat what I typed? Secondly...I honestly don't give a damn if you think I'm making this up or not. I take offense to the drug reference as well. So take your comments...and...well...figure out the rest if you can. Do you need me to tell you?
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