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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Why is it sad that my reading taste has resulted in my choosing to not buy a book without a character?
Because those of us who've been reading Kirsten's books all along have found them to be among the best Voyager prose fiction ever written, and some of the best Trek fiction to come along in recent years, so we're sad for you in an empathetic way, because we feel you've been depriving yourself of something very enjoyable. Granted, the books were without one particular character you liked, but there were plenty of other things to enjoy in the books. Okay, maybe if you did read them, you wouldn't have shared our fondness, but maybe you would have, and in that case you would've been missing out on something you would've really liked. And it's natural to feel sad upon seeing someone else deprived of something positive. It's not "sad" in the sense of "you're a pathetic loser," but in the sense of, "ohh, it's a shame you're missing out on something this cool."
I don't think you speak for everyone when you say it's all about being sad in an empathetic way because I have missed out on something. However I take your word for it, for you, that you meant it that way.

Take heart! I have read everything except CoT which is on order.

The best Treklit I ever read is still Terok Nor by James Swallow though

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