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Re: Generations deleted scenes

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First, they don't usually change films when going to home video, so it's unlikely they removed scenes from the theatrical cut before it went to video. Second, I saw the same film in theaters and I don't recall the scenes you are discussing. It's more likely you're misremembering or that you somehow saw a preview screening of the film before its finished form. Have you tried looking at the screenplays for the film to see if any of what you're remembering was in it?
No. I am 100% of those scenes in that movie specifically because of the comments that were made while watching it. The Geordi shower scene was one of those, "oh so that's what they do in the 24th century" type moments, seeing that they shower like "normal." I remember seeing his feet to right above his calves. I can't speak to some of the other scenes, but those that I listed WERE in the theatrical version that I saw so many years ago. I'd bet my own life on it.
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