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Re: Generations deleted scenes

Grant wrote: View Post
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^ You know you could have said that without coming across as a jerk.
I'd rather be a jerk than a nut or a liar.

The opening post is the same as me saying aliens abducted me last night--you can't 'prove' I'm lying, but chances ARE I'm a nut or liar.

To say the scenes he speaks of in the opening post were in a theatrical cut of Generations and using 'his friend' as 'proof' are just beyond lame.

Lursa mentions Geordi 'taking a bath' and now that turns into a cut where he 'remembers' Geordi taking a shower and 'commenting' on it to his friend during the movie--that's just bizarre.
His friend commenting on Data's sexual outburst during the scene where Data's chip goes haywire? That not just false it's kind of sick.

We have all misremembered a line or a brief scene that we may have read or heard of from a novel or whatever, but declaring with certainty and metioning all the particulars of an event that clearly never happened seem very strange.

He either has serious problems or is just looking for attention.

And forgive me if I'm wrong but didn't the same poster ALSO claim to have seen theatrically another version of another Trek movie with scenes that were NOT in the theatrical cut. Really?

So, Paramount is showing alternate versions of the Trek movies where ever this guy goes--just for him?

Yeah, i'm being a jerk. Glad I'm a jerk and not crazy.

And why do people pander and try to come up with reasons why this person might have thought he saw this stuff. He DIDN'T and it's not just simple misremembering.
Grant, I'd strongly advise you not to be so personal in the future. You're bordering on something that would require an official warning. So cool it. R. Star didn't deserve that. What I'm reading is that he did misremember so strongly that he mixed the novelization with his memory of the movie. There are times I can picture scenes from the novel "Q-in-Law" as vividly as if it were an episode in season 3.
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