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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

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No kidding. I thought this thread was about how human civilization and the world around us might be affected by technology at the turn of the next century, not a bunch of blue sky speculation about artificially intelligent interstellar super colony ships. I mean, what the fuck?
But unlike a computer with the power of a pocket calculator, which could successfully fly a colony ship (even if we wire-wrap it with discrete TTL and magnetic rope memory), a trillion dollar AI could appreciate the coolness of being a space ship - in space!

It could not only beat the astronauts at chess, it could then laugh and tell them they were actually playing Sargon I on a TRS-80 emulator! "Ha, you ignorant monkey test pilot!"
I'll again refer you to the Halo series, in which the AI construct 343 Guilty spark is left to tend to Installation 05, in which time he has no one to talk to and nothing to do but routine maintenance for 100,000 years. He eventually decays into a brooding neurotic with homicidal tendencies, which -- let's face it -- is a pretty impressive outcome for 100,000 years of absolute boredom.
The AI can slow down his consciousness so he won't get bored, if he experiences time at a rate of 100 seconds to his 1 second, then the voyage duration will seem to last only 50 years to him. He'll watch the animals zip across the meadows and through the forest at incredible speed, each day will pass every 14.4 minutes, he can watch the trees and the grass grow, watch the programmed seasonal cycles, for every 1 of his years, 100 years will pass on the ship, and if there is any trouble or maintenance problems, he will speed up his consciousness to deal with it.
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