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Re: female audience reaction to Seven of Nine

jefferiestubes8 wrote: View Post
Did they feel she was a strong female character replacement for Kes leaving the show? Did they feel she was just T&A eye candy for the male audience?
Since I never liked Kes, I was looking forward to a new cast member.

First visual impression: Wow - Star Trek Borg Barbie!

Later impression: This is an intriguing character, and the actress can really ACT! While her physical attributes are rather noticeable, it's less so as the seasons went on and Seven's character and interactions with other people were explored.

teacake wrote: View Post
7 of 9 became my all time favorite character in about 5 minutes. It never entered my head she was some T and A addition.
Seven is my favorite Voyager character, no question. I've always liked the characters who don't necessarily fit in, or know how to fit in. Seven is Voyager's answer to Spock, in my opinion. She has a hybrid nature, and is struggling and learning every single day how to balance the two aspects of herself, while trying to bridge the learning gap she missed when she went from a 6-year-old human child to an adult Borg, with almost no socialization skills to help her at first.
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