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Re: About planetary gravity

First, I would like to start off by explaining that my school was a very stupid school that made no effort to educate. In middle school and early high school my subjects were History, Social Studies (history and political correctness), and English (part history part social studies), PE, Art & Music, Math, Science, and Lunch. Damn I did good in Lunch, it was my best subject.
Science class in middle school was pretty cool, and super easy. Thus I am guessing we weren't really learning much. I remember there being lots of props that did odd things, and then we would be explained why it worked like that. Example, a device with a metal dome that send electricity through your body, made your hair stand on edge, and you had to stand on a crate.

In high school science class consisted of, two years in a row, this science teacher that just lectured people on the utmost irrelevant things. If you've seen Mr. Garrison on South Park, and the way he teaches class, you have to understand, that's almost exactly how this teacher was.

I failed math because when I changed schools, I some how went from 6th to 7th grade, because I got held back in 2nd grade. When I got into 8th grade math, it was super hard, and I couldn't understand it. My teacher just kept giving me an F and lecturing me on how smart I am, and how I CAN do this if I just apply myself. I honest to god couldn't do it because I skipped certain mathematical knowledge. It's like learning HTML, skipping the year they teach you Java, and going right to PHP and MySQL, and it is assumed you know Java. You'd never pass, because every time they'd ask you to write a Java script to defer to the MySQL data base, you'd just sit there like WTF!?

Now I do remember my Social Studies teacher teaching us all about Science... in social studies class.
It started out by learning about all the black and Hispanic scientists that have contributed to science. And some how moved in to her teaching science.
She freakin told me the earth's rotation is what made gravity and pulled us inward.

I recall saying "wouldn't the spinning of the earth push us outward? Like, if you dip a basketball in water, and then spin it on your finger, the water goes outward and splashes you, because spinning pushes objects away from the surface" she says "no, because we're also orbiting the sun."

I just nodded my head, not understanding it, and assuming I was too stupid to understand it.

And the thing is, a week later I am talking about it to a friend (who has the same class) and he's explaining how the teacher is totally right.

I recall from other history, social studies, and English teachers, that Edison invented the light bulb. George Washington Carver invented peanut butter. Some black guy in world war one invented the radio. Benjamin Franklin accidentally discovered electricity when flying a kite in a storm. Christopher Columbus discovered America. Leonardo Da Vinci invented the first air plane.

I was taught a lot of stuff that wasn't true.

But in science classes, throughout elementary school, it was all about home made volcanoes, and interesting "tricks" you could do at home.

In middle school (because 6th and 7th grade over lapped for me) I only had two science teachers, and only my 8th grade science teacher, Mr. Little, actually attempted to teach us about science.
I look back at school, and besides the students, and the social environment, all I can remember about the lessons were Rosa Parks, Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, Susan B Anthony, Second Wave Feminism, and reading The Grapes Of Wrath, Of Mice And Men, Greasers, and a lot of books that remind me of The Fox And The Hound. And learning about historical people who we were told invented or discovered things they didn't.
To this day, I still remember my 9th and 10th grade science teacher the day he had to take his dog to the vet, and that got us learning about the miracles of Vitamin B. And for the rest of the month we learned about Vitamins... In Earth Science class! I remember he made a speech about the laws of the road, and how at 60 MPH some special inertia takes place. I remember him briefly touching on the theory of relativity. We learned about global warming, and recycling, I remember that because he looked at me and my best friend and said "You two could at least recycle your beer bottles". And when he caught his son coming home drunk, and made him drink more until he puked his guts out, to teach him a lesson. All of which is interesting, because 2 years after I dropped out of high school, and worked at my family's liquor store (18 to sell it as long as there is no open container in the establishment) he used to come in there every day, by a huge fifth of brandy, and he never recognized me as a former student. Apparently he lost his job a year after I quit school, and he died two years after that. He literally drank himself to death.
Oh yeah, in one of the years he was teaching us about whales for a couple of months. And he did mention Star Trek The Voyage Home.
You know, to this day, I don't know what the hell Earth Science is.
To this day I get a lump in my throat when I hear "Earth Science" because all I can think about is whales, alcoholism, global warming, vitamin B, and the fact that boys can hold it in longer than girls, so boys can't leave the class room, and neither can the girls because they only go there to do their makeup. The teacher was off the charts crazy.
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