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Re: Best Audio Book?

Just downloaded Spare Parts (Still have to Unzip it and burn to Disc), and I've still $9.00 in My Paypal Account (Spare Parts was $7.99 US, however, it charged me 5pound31 [Or 5.31 Pounds, if that's wrong terminology] which converted to $8.86, so I figure $9.00 one more download will be covered)

So, I think I want to try a Colin Baker. Is The Holy Terror (as mentioned early on) The Best Colin Baker, or is there a better one (Or one, that might be a good companion to Spare Parts?)

If a good companion to Spare parts, should one be listened to before the other?

Oh, and is Lungbarrow, the only Media that Covers that area (That's related to Cartmel Master Plan, Right?) or are there some audios that play with Cartmel's Master Plan?

Edit: Ooh, just realized Sally Knyvette (That's Jenna from B7 right?) is in Spare Parts
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