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Re: Niners Unite...around Babylon 5! - The Lost Threads

So I finally got around to watching a little bit. Last night I saw Midnight on the Firing Line and today the Soul Hunter.
Overall I like the story quality and the tone of the show.
The Commander is a little stiff, but likeable, so is the 2nd in command; but I'm not sure if the actress is going for Mr. Spock, or Lillith Crane. The Security Guy seems cool, although I'm sure he's been compared to Bruce Willis/David Addison a million times.

The special effects seem a little too computer generated, but hey, it was 1994 after all, and I don't know why but the set decoration kind of bugs me. Some of the sets like the bar, seem very cheap, almost in a stage play kind of way.

The main aliens are great and creative, and I like their makeup moreso than the bumpy forehead aliens of Star Trek.
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