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Last week they met a guy who was so anal retentive, that Pete called him "lieutenant Commander Data" which was an episode Brent was floating about in.
emmm -- who are Brent and Pete??
Pete is a main character, well, the male lead, on Warehouse 13. His mother is played by kate Mulgrew, and his ex-wife is played by Jeri Ryan. Brent Spiner once played Data on Star Trek the Next Generation who was kidnapped by Kivas Fajo, then added to a collection of oddities and trinkets, the actor who brought life to Fajo is now another one of the male leads on Warehouse 13, Pete's immediate superior who is facing off in a battle of wits against against Brent Spiner again who is dressed in black playing a mad monk through out the last few episodes of Warehouse 13.

13 episodes a season, we're half way through season 3.

It's really quite good.

X-Files lite.

Teacake, he alphabetized his robot dolls.
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