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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

Yeah, Col. Young seemed to have an attitude tailor made for alienating the civilian population. And since Dr. Rush seemed to be their best, if not ONLY, chance of surviving and getting home, I was surprised that Col. Young didn't try harder to stay on Rush's good side. Granted, Rush was probably always going to be a shifty bastard no matter what. But Young could have at least put in an effort to try to get Rush to trust him, which would have been better for everyone.

And on the list of bad leadership, I would also include Col. Telford, who also seemed hellbent on antagonizing everyone, including the military personnel.

Now, I suppose we're not supposed to judge them all too harshly because they're in such dire circumstances. But I would think, were I in a life or death situation like that, I would be more like Dr. Rush and work the damn problem instead of addressing all of the petty, irrelevant personal squabbles; which seemed to be the main focus of Col. Young, Col. Telford, & Camile Wray.

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The stones generally didn't go over with the fans. Personally, I liked that they stayed in contact with Earth from the get-go, but the way the stones were depicted wasn't handled properly. Very rarely do we see them used for practical purposes like sending experts over to help out with Destiny.
This. I always felt that, had they used the stones to bring in Carter, McKay, Zelenka, & Jeannie Miller to consult with Rush & Eli, they would have all been home by lunchtime.

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Yeah, and then the writers decide to do nonsense that led to this picture:
Ok that's pretty funny... but, the hotness ratings are a bit off.

Perry, a nine? Give me a break. Wray, a 6 is even still too generous, Chloe probably deserves more like a 7, but I can understand how watching her character can make someone not vote with a clear mind.
Agreed, mostly. He certainly underrates Chloe. Like you said, a 7 would be more appropriate.

I would actually rate Camille Wray a bit higher, like a 7, even if she was a bitch. And on the crazy bitch scale, I'd certainly say she's nowhere near as bad as Laura Roslin or Captain Janeway.

Ginn deserves a 10 on hotness.

But I think T.J. would rank closer to a 5 than a 7.
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