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Re: What exactly is Regeneration like to the Doctor?

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I thought it curious that Ten should, while his regeneration was pending, talk about it being like death and a new man swanning off; after all, when he first appeared, having regenerated from Nine, he told Rose that he was exactly the same man (as Nine, with a new face.
I think Ten was a little bit precious and narcissistic about the whole thing, which is not entirely out of character. I'd wager that if the tenth Doctor ever met the eleventh, they would have a Second/Third relationship.
I wouldn't have so much minded the 10th Doctor being so precious about the whole thing if it didn't seem like that attitude also passed on to many of the fans. Even after more than 2 years, there are still lots of new fans that seem unable to switch gears from Tennant to Smith. (But then, it seems that most of those are female fans, who have... other reasons for preferring Tennant.)
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