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Re: Ewww.. SGU let's have some freaking protocol

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Well I would agree Rush tended to take the view of what they needed to do too survie. Whilst Young seemed to take the view of what needed to be done so everyone survived. Rush at times appeared to be willing to sacrifice someone if it improved the survival chances of the remainder.

Which is right or wrong depends on your point of view, but Rush appeared to be more willing to take the tough decisions than Young.
But then, that's because Col. Young had actual empathy for the people around him, and Rush just didn't give a shit. He scarcely cared about anyone but himself. If other people had to die so he could live, so be it.
I wouldn't say Rush didn't give a shit, but he was alienated from the crew by his overall shitty life and the crew alienated him by being stupid and/or assholes. But I wouldn't say Young had empathy for the crew (aside from his little clique of officers), at least in the first 1.5 seasons. A lot of the time he was an asshole and seemed to give the bare minimum of fucks needed to be perceived to be the leader. His alienation of the civilians by having his handful of closest minions do everything lead to the freaking mutiny and only the writers ignoring stuff that happened in one of the earliest episodes prevented a decent chunk of the military crew from turning on him. Some of that could be explained by his marital problems and that briefly mentioned mission that went bad, but the writers didn't really flesh him out enough to make anyone like him as a person instead of as a counterpoint to Rush.
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