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Re: VOY: The Eternal Tide by Kirsten Beyer Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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Well the proof is in the printing, KJ IS back, and even after so many people vowed that would never happen.
Nobody ever "vowed that would never happen." That is a falsehood. As I said in my previous post, and in the first linked post therein, there was never any official statement from Pocket Books that it would not happen, and the editor in charge at the time made a statement that pointedly did not rule out the possibility of her return. Beyond that, the discussion simply consisted of various posters on this forum expressing their opinions about whether or not it should happen -- or about whether resurrections in fiction are a good idea as a general rule. Nobody ever "vowed" anything, certainly not anybody who was in a position to make any decisions on the subject.

That her fans still seem to be discounted is a shame for Trek, and I can say that from being a loyal fan for over 40 years.
Again this myth that Janeway fans are being persecuted, or that this is some grand ideological battle. That's a fantasy. I'm a Janeway fan myself. I quite liked her as a character, and I liked Kate Mulgrew as an actress. But that doesn't mean I will tolerate other Janeway fans distorting the facts or making false accusations because they're upset about what happened to her in a book.
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