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Re: Envisioning the world of 2100

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The only thing that requires much development are the AIs and artificial womb technology.
And nuclear fission reactors in space. And the technology to freeze an embryo that will remain viable for thousands of years. And the techniques to build and maintain an O'Neil colony, let alone the infrastructure needed to begin construction in the first place. And -- most importantly -- a DESTINATION.
The destination will obviously be the source of the distress call we pick up. Most good episodes start with a distress call.

All this change wrought by AI technology may threaten the survival of the human race...
So your solution to the worrying tends of AI development is to place humanity's insurance policy under the direct control of... an AI?
A far more practicle approach is to use our impressive and accelerating advances in the human genome to start genetically engineering better humans, then crossing their royal bloodlines until some of them can see through space and time and successfully navigate ships at FTL velocities. Oh, and we need giant worms.

Do you think insurance policies are a bad investment.
Only if you pay more than you should, to ensure against things that will never happen, which would pay off in a form you can never spend. It's like buying volcano insurance with a $700/month premium that automatically names your great grandson as the beneficiary of an '89 Ford Pinto.
Hey, an '89 Ford Pinto would be worth a fortune, because they stopped making them in 1980.

Let's be specific here. Almost anything you can think of to "insure" against the extinction of the human race would be mitigated far more effectively by targeting the thing itself. If rampant AIs are the potential problem, the simplest solution is to STOP BUILDING THEM. Get everyone to ban AI research and sign treaties that isolate countries that don't. If the problem is pandemics, asteroid impacts, nuclear war, alien invasion, Lady Gaga, the second coming of Jesus... all of those have very specific solutions, and the combination of all of them would be less expensive and more effective than developing a generation ship.
What if instead of a generation ship, we just built a giant fleet of RV's that slowly wander around Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico for thousands of years? If we do make huge advances in propulsion, we could even send them wandering into space. Siince we'd already have to genetically engineer people's dogs to use toilets (because in space they can't go outside to poop) we could go ahead and genetically engineer them to drive the RV's, too.
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