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Re: Stiles in Balance of Terror

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Does anyone know if the Captain Stiles of the USS Excelsior seen in STIV was meant to be the same Stiles from this episode? Or perhaps a relative?
According to memory alpha the excelsior captain's name was spelled "styles" and the guy from balance of terror is "stiles"
I'm sure they "really" are different people, but to be fair, neither spelling was actually used onscreen (credits notwithstanding). It could be that the writers of ST III might have intended it to be the same character but just didn't bother to check the spelling.

Then again, Styles was a stuck-up egotistical jackass, and Stiles appeared to be a normal guy who just hated Romulans due to his family history. So they're probably not the same person.

Also: The novel Prime Directive did NOT assume that Styles and Stiles are the same.
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