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Re: Stiles in Balance of Terror

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The whole backstory of Stiles' bitterness towards the Romulans (which later transfers to Spock) doesn't really work if the war was supposed to have taken place a century before the episode.

He's clearly nowhere near old enough to have felt any of his family losses personally. It's like a present-day twentysomething hating Germans because he had relatives killed in action in World War I.
Err, millitants in the Middle East often site the Crusades as a means to be violent or stoke hatred towards Europeans, and it's been about 7 centuries since the last one took place. Then you have the animosity between the North and South after the American Civil War, some of which exist even today. Both these examples are things happening between humans on Earth. How is something like a guy carrying a grudge from the (relatively) recent deaths of family members at the hands of the Romulans - aggressive aliens - so beyond disbelief?

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