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Re: Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Audio Issues

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Why go through Amazon for the replacements? Why not call the deluxe number instead of going through amazon? Not trying to single you out, as a lot of people did the same thing. I'm just wondering why it seems so many people ignored the deluxe number. Why go through a middle man when you can get to the source?
I emailed deluxe as soon as the email became available. Still haven't received the discs. I called them twice, and they said there was no record of me...but they said that not being able to find any trace of me probably just meant that my email had been processed and my discs sent. I emailed them again a few days ago because I put no faith in what they said...but in the meantime, I figured I would try to get the full set replaced, along with the updated packaging. Just covering all the bases.
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